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Sheet metal fabrication can be used for a number of different purposes. Whether you need prototypes, high-quality commercial parts, or something else, we can use our modern production equipment as well as our personal fabrication techniques in order to deliver the cut sheet metal that you need.


You will find out that we have state-of-the-art brake presses to accommodate sheet-metal up to 13 feet wide. Additionally, we can work with a thickness of up to half an inch. Whether you are working with steel or aluminum, we have the equipment to make a difference.


With so many different tooling options, we can accommodate virtually any configuration that you may have. By tapping into our technology, it makes it easier for you to get the exact parts that you need. Forget about trying to buy the perfect part somewhere else. In many instances, it’s easier if you make it yourself. Our precision sheet metal fabrication will make it that much easier for you to get what you need.


At Dongguan Win, we look forward to working with you so that you get what you need when you need it. We also pride ourselves on offering economical prices regardless of whether you need a small run or a mass production. Whatever quantity that you need, we’re able to accommodate you in a timely manner.


As one of the top sheet metal fabrication companies in China, you can count on us for our skilled personnel and our expertise. We have the ability to guide you through the process, step by step. We can provide you with laser cutting, sheet forming, and various tooling services. We can provide all of the post-production services that you need in order to save you a step once you receive fabricated sheet metal.


When you choose sheet metal fabrication companies, you need to make sure they’re capable of helping you with all of the services that you need. The last thing you want is for one company to cut and another company to sandblast or anodize. This will not only cost more but also cost you a significant amount of time in productivity.


We’ll show you how we can offer precision sheet metal fabrication so that you can work with the parts as soon as they arrive. They can be ready to install in your parts or ready to sell as they are. Whatever it is that you need, we’ll customize to all of your specifications.


Contact us today to learn more about the production services so that we can show you the many ways that we can assist. With our help, you can boost productivity and get higher quality parts.

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