Sheet Metal Cabinets

Get Sheet Metal Cabinets and More

Sheet metal cabinets and more can be easily created. Each component involves cutting and forming – and Dongguan Win specializes in these services. This ensures that you are able to get what you need without having to do all of the production on your own.


We have become a partner with a number of businesses, small and large, throughout China and beyond. We’re able to accommodate all of your needs, large or small. With our state-of-the-art machinery and are premium technology, we can create prototypes and small runs without getting rid of quality.


Particularly when it comes to a sheet metal chassis or sheet metal cabinets, you can take advantage of our brake presses that can accommodate up to 13 feet wide. Additionally, we can provide the strength that you need by working with metal up to a half-inch thickness. This ensures you get the premium parts that you need for anything that you need to build.


With our highly skilled personnel, we can provide the fabricating techniques necessary to give you the components that you need. Whether you need a single component for cabinets or you need every part for a sheet metal chassis, we can work closely with you to provide the customization that is necessary.


We want to partner with you to make sure that you have all of the metal components that you need. We work with steel and aluminum on a regular basis in order to provide laser cutting, sheet forming, and various tooling services. We provide you with the smooth edges and the various post-production services that you need in order to boost productivity within your own operations.


Learn more about us today by reaching out for a quote. We can contact you to get details and discuss your project in greater length.

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