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Get Help with Sheet Metal Forming and Bending

It’s important to tap into all of the different sheet-metal services that you need for your business. Whether you are creating a template or you need various products for your own production, sheet metal bending and forming can be done for you in Dongguan, China, Guangdong.


At Dongguan Win, we have a sheet metal brake as well as various other machines, including rollers and shears. This makes it possible to provide you with various services that you need in regards to sheet-metal. We work with aluminum and steel on a regular basis and can provide the working ranges that you need.


With our state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to provide the customized sheet metal fabrication that you need. This includes the sheet metal bending for small and large projects alike. We can accommodate up to 30 feet of metal at a time and also work with metal that is as thick as half an inch.


Our skilled personnel is used to providing the sheet metal forming that is needed to meet your specifications. Additionally, we offer various secondary services such as turret punching and stamping. This ensures that you get a finished product so that there’s no need to bring parts into post-production at your facility.


Combine all of this with our laser cutting and we’ll make sure that you get the high-quality components that you need for any project. Whether you need commercial parts or they’re only one piece of a bigger manufacturing project, we have the sheet metal brake equipment and more to help you.


We take pride in all that we do. It shows in the equipment that we have, the techniques that we use, and the services that we offer. We’ll guide you through the entire process so you know all of the ways that we can support you with sheet metal bending, forming, and anything else that you might need.


We can help with prototypes, small and large batch runs, and more. You’ll find that we have flexible options and economical pricing – and this is one of the many reasons why companies from around the globe choose to work with us at Dongguan Win.


As you browse our website, you’ll see videos of our personnel working with various types of equipment. This allows you to see our commitment to excellence as well as the cutting edge technology that we have throughout our facility.


We’re here to support your needs every step of the way. All you have to do is decide what services you want us to perform for you. Contact us today to learn more about the way that we can serve you and your manufacturing needs.

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