• Dillon Jiang

How to make a sheet metal piece?

First of all, you have to draw the drawings of the product, whether it is an AUTOCAD plan or a 3D chart, giving detailed dimensions, accuracy requirements, and appearance requirements.

The second step is to consider the production process. Metal processing is very much, CNC cutting, sheet metal, stamping, igniting, wire cutting, die casting, Sheet metal forming is a process where pieces of sheet metal are modified to its geometry rather than removing any materials. Suitable for housing and flat parts of some equipment. Both stamping and sheet metal are made of sheet metal fabrication. Stamping is suitable for products with simple structure, large number, small size and need for stamping die. Sheet metal processing is suitable for products with complex structure, large size and small quantity.

In the third step, the metal sheet is cut out of the desired shape by laser cutting. This process mainly tests the laser cutting machine. The precision, thickness and size of the cut product. We use the German TRUMPF laser cutting machine with an accuracy of 0.02 mm, a cutting thickness of 25 mm and a maximum size of 3000*1500 mm. The incision is smooth without burrs.

The fourth part, bending and other mechanical processing. According to the specific requirements of the product, different processes are arranged reasonably. Bending is a key step in the testing of the accuracy and performance of the bending machine and the technical level of the bending master. Welding, polishing, rivets, tapping, etc. are also important auxiliary processes.

The fourth step is surface treatment. Surface treatment includes drawing, sandblasting, polishing, painting, dusting, and anode anodization. We have specialized supporting manufacturers for these processes.

Finally, the packaging of the product is very important. Different products should use the corresponding packaging materials to ensure that the surface of the product is not damaged during transportation, the structure is not deformed, and the quantity is easy to count.

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